6 Most Notable Shipping Container Hotels

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steel shipping containers have become the latest hotel trend.

Nowadays, steel shipping containers have become the latest hotel trend, and it might not sound like the most comfortable place to stay. It sounds absurd that shipping containers renovated hotels' creative and cutting edge, and for the most part, you don't even know you're in a shipping container. In addition, they're eco-friendly as well. Consider it or not, they are used to construct some fantastic resorts worldwide in sought-after destinations. So we've compiled a list of the most incredible shipping container hotels from around the world. Further, hotels on the list offer the perfect opportunity to experience living in a container home. 

Container Hotels 

Alterra Glamping – Argentina 

Alterra Glamping resort is one of the most alluring stays in Argentina.

Address - Calle Martin Pescador 1485, Pinamar B7167HUC Argentina

Phone - +54 9 2254 44-4181

Alterra Glamping resort is one of the most alluring stays in Argentina, perched away in beautiful beachside woods south of the Argentinean capital. The accommodation's most notable aspect is it was built completely from a repurposed shipping container. It was initially built as an art gallery, but it has been expanded to accommodate guests in private cabins created by joining two shipping containers together. Decking offers a cosy outdoor area, and the shipping containers are placed not to disrupt the existing greenery landscape. The resort also presents the niceties you desire for any luxurious vacation, including a pacifying pool, a fine art gallery, and massage services.

Bayside Marina Hotel – Japan

One of Japan's notable stays—the Bayside Marina Hotel.

Address - 6 Shiraho, Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 236-0007, Japan

Phone - +81 45-770-1301

If you're planning a trip to the Far East and looking for a unique place to stay, consider your stay in one of Japan's notable stays—the Bayside Marina Hotel. Built from 40-foot shipping containers piled on top of each other to create hotel rooms, the front doors have been replaced with glass windows to let in plenty of daylight. The lower container houses the bathroom and living areas, while spacious loft bedrooms are situated on the upper floors. The hotel was contrived in Thailand before being dispatched to Japan to reassemble. Quiet Garden and concrete ways keep the minimalist theme while providing aesthetically pleasing landscaping.

Containers Hostel – Scotland

The Containers Hostels is a warm, friendly and comfortable hostel.

Address - Telephone House 357 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh EH11 2RP Scotland

Phone -  +44 7921 074218

The Containers Hostels is a warm, friendly and comfortable hostel that welcomes travellers from all corners of the globe. Containers Hostel was the world's first hostel to be constructed using recycled shipping containers, located in Scotland. Features the 12 mixed bedroom dormitories that can accommodate as many as 48 people. The Containers Hostel has become one of Scotland's most sought-after hostels because it is built from modular shipping containers. The stay is an ideal pick for budget-conscious travellers, and on average, guests pay about 28 pounds less per week to stay. 

Ccasa Hostel – Vietnam

Ccasa Hostel is the first hostel in Nha Trang.

Address - 24 Đ. Sao Biển, Vĩnh Hải, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa 650000, Vietnam

Phone - +84 374 844 882

Ccasa Hostel is the first hostel in Nha Trang, Vietnam, built from shipping containers, situated just a few-minute walk away from seashores. The hostel draws several guests' attention annually with its colourful repurposed steel containers that lend a charming vibe. Further, the spot is an ideal pick for backpackers, and it offers a communal area like a living room, an outdoor kitchen or a dining area. Guests can enjoy their evening in the lively tree-filled communal area and bar on the rooftop terrace. 

Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort – Georgia

Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort is a beautiful retreat. 

Address - E117, Nakhiduri, Kvemo Kartli, Gudauri 4702 Georgia

Phone - +995 599 11 62 99

Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort is a beautiful retreat, sitting 7,200 feet high in the snow capped Caucasus Mountains. The resort is built by shipping containers, and each of the units is clad in Timber planks and piled together for a modern, industrial look. Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort is a five-story hotel that features private terraces and jacuzzis, while the property also features a yoga studio and much more. Each room features unrivalled spellbinding vistas of the natural surroundings. Ski resort draws millions of international visitors' attention annually because the Panorama of the Caucasus mountains is glimpsed from wide terraces.

Container Cabin - New York

Spending your vacation in a shipping container in the remote woods might seem odd, but merely a glimpse inside the Container Cabin is all it takes to fall in love with this cargotecture getaway. Just two hours north of the hustle and bustle of New York City, you can find a unique home combining the best of tiny home living, off-grid lifestyles, and container home construction. Visitors can spend their days hiking the trails, streams, and waterfalls—unwinding in the wood-fired hot tub when the stream is running. If you're planning a break from your monotonous city life, then Container Cabin in the Catskills is an ideal pick for you. To know more about the nearest tourist attractions and activities, you can follow the New York Travel Guide.

Wrap up 

Nowadays, shipping container hotels and hostels are becoming increasingly popular. Because it's a portable solution for large affairs, they are safe, convenient and cost much less to construct than traditional hotels. When a shipping container is no longer functional in the logistics industry, it can be given a second life as comfortable accommodations. Due to its increasing popularity, when you book your next vacation, you might find yourself staying in a brand-new shipping container hotel. In this guide, we get you through the world's most weld high and aesthetic shipping container hotels or hostels. Furthermore, the best aspect about these hotels is that they are eco-friendly.

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