Outlook Not Sending Emails - Stuck In Outbox

  1. Manual Procedures to fix "Outlook Emails Stuck in Outbox" Issue:

In this post I will go over the manual methods that can assist you in navigating the issues that arise in various Windows.

  1. Repair "Outlook not sending Emails" issue by restoring Outlook:

Follow the steps below to bring your Outlook back to normal and resolve the issue:

  1. Method 1. Restore Outlook 2016, 2013 or 2010 in Windows 10

  • 1. First, close the whole program of MS Office.

  • 2. Then, type Apps & Features into the Windows search box.

  • 3. Choose Apps & Features.

  • 4. Then, search and tap to open MS Office in the list of apps and features installed.

  • 5. Select Modify > Yes if the Control Window for your user account appears. The Window will open asking "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?"

  • 6. Choose Online Repair > Repair.

  • 7. Finally, you must Restart Outlook once the repair process is complete.

  1. Method 2. Restore Outlook 2016, 2013 or 2010 in Windows 8

  • 1. First, close all of the applications that are part of MS Office.

  • 2. After that, right-tap on the Start button.

  • 3. Choose the Control Panel.

  • 4. Make sure the category is selected on the view By list.

  • 5. Select the Uninstall button under Programs.

  • 6. Then, right-tap MS Office and select Change.

  • 7. Select Online Repair if it is accessible (that depends on the kind of MS Office you installed).

  • 8. Click on Repair , then Yes in the that the control panel for user accounts displays.

  • 9. Finally, restart Outlook after the repair process is completed.

  1. Method 3. Restore Outlook 2016, 2013 or 2010 in Windows 7

  • 1. The first step is to close every MS Office applications.

  • 2. Click on the Start button, then Control Panel.

  • 3. Verify if the Category you selected is from the List By list.

  • 4. Click on Uninstall a program button in the Programs.

  • 5. Select MS Office from your list of options.

  • 6. Select"Change" > "Online Repair.", if it's available (that is dependent on the version of MS Office you installed).

  • 7. Click the Repair button and choose Yes when an account of the user is the one who controls your window's display.

  • 8. Start Outlook again once the repair process is complete.

  1. Method 4. Repair Outlook Send Receive Error within Outlook for Mac 2016.

If you are using The Mac Version of Outlook You can manage a few issues while trying to fix the issue. Outlook functioning again.

  1. Step1: Recheck the Recipient's Email

A comma in place of a period could stop Outlook to not send an email.

  1. Step 2: Inspect Your Connection

First, check if you're connected to the internet. Also, verify that you are working online with Outlook. To confirm this, open the Outlook menu and check whether Work Offline mode is on. If it is, click on Work Offline to erase mark and switch to online mode.

  1. Step 3: Clear The Send Folder

You must empty the folder to free up "stuck" messages. The deleted message is required to be rebuilt because it cannot be recovered or erased.

  • 1. Then, you must first open the folder Send.

  • 2. Remove all messages from the folder.

  • 3. Then, quit Outlook.

  • 4. Now, open Outlook and then restart Outlook.

  • 5. Finally you can contact us to determine whether this issue is fixed.

  1. Step 4: Recreate the Outlook Database

Try to use the Microsoft utility to create an unrestored database. It can also fix Outlook. Users with a Microsoft Exchange account can rebuild the database and delete all information that isn't associated with the server. A backup of Outlook information stored on your computer before you create the database.

  • 1. You can uninstall all applications that are part of Microsoft Office.

  • 2. Hold down the Option key, and then tap to the Outlook icon on the Dock to gain acces to Microsoft Database Utility.

  • 3. Click on the name of the database that is relevant.

  • 4. Tap on Rebuild.

  • 5. Start Outlook again once the process is completed.

  1. Method 5. Repair Outlook Not Sending Emails in Outlook Online

Step 1: Clear Inbox

If your inbox is stuffed, you'll be unable be able to exchange or read messages. Remove the spam email messages from your inbox, then click to open Junk Mail, and tap on empty.

Step 2: Recheck Recipient's Email

Sometimes, a comma in place of an underscore can prevent Outlook in sending emails.

Third Step: Retry it again or increase the limit of your send

Outlook.com limits the number of emails you can send out in every day in order to deter spammers. If you have sent a significant amount of emails in recent days, you can save them and then make the draft available on the next day.

Also, increase your send limit by updating your security settings. Visit the Microsoft Account Security page, click Update Info and verify your identity, and then follow the instructions on screen to update your settings for security.

These strategies will aid you fix the problem when you are finding it difficult. We recommend you to try another tool to fix Outlook problems.

  1. Method 6. Stepwise-Procedure to fix the issue in Outlook 2016 and 2019:

    1. Step 1. If you notice Outlook Send Receive error Try sending the message once more.

It is observed that occasionally when you send an email again , it will work.

  • 1. Tap right-click on the email in the outbox. Point to Move and then select the Drafts folder.

  • 2. Open the email in the Drafts folder , then tap the Send button.

  • 3. Finally, check if the message has been moved to The Sent folder or if it is on the outside of the mailbox.

  1. Step 2: Double-Inspect the Recipient's Email

Sometimes, a comma in place of a punctuation mark can deter or prevent Outlook to not send an email.

  1. Step 3: Recheck Your Connection

First, check your internet connection. Then, make certain that you're online within Outlook.

  • 1. The first step is to check the lower-right corner of your Outlook window. In order to determine If it is Disconnected, Working Offline or trying to connect, then you are disconnected from your mail server.

  • 2. Click the Send/Receive button on the ribbon.

  • 3. Click on Work Offline in the Preferences section. Now you'll be connecting via Server in the lower right corner of the window.

  • 4. Click to send or receive all Folders button within the group Send & Receive.

  • 5. Check whether the message is located found in the Sent folder or is there in your Outbox.

  1. Step 4: Size of the Attachments

Typically, Outlook restricts the file size, so users can send 20MB to accounts that are on the internet, such as Gmail or Hotmail and 10MB to Exchange accounts. If a user attempts to email, but receives an error message related to the error regarding file size. Expand the limit on size for Outlook.

  1. Step 5: Synchronize Your Password

If you've changed your password for email online, then you have to alter it in Outlook as well. In the event that you do not, you will not be able for sending (or get) emails.

  • 1. Tap File > Account Settings > Account Settings

  • 2. Select from the Email tab.

  • 3. Select the email account , then tap Change.

  • 4. Then, type in the new password into the Password box.

  • 5. Choose Next > Close > Finish.

  • 6. Select from the Send/Receive All Folders button that is located in the upper-left corner Outlook. Outlook window. Press F9 in order for sending the message.

  1. Method 7. Alternative Solution for when Outlook Emails stuck in Outbox

When performing manual processes There is a possibility of PST corruption of the file. So, it is recommended to utilize the Outlook Recovery software that can recover all Outlook emails, including Emails Contacts, Emails Distribution groups, for instance. The program runs the PST Files that are built by MS Outlook 2016, 2013 2010 and 2007 2003, 2002, etc.

  1. Conclusion

I have provided detailed details about Outlook failing to send emails. You can apply one of these methods to solve the Outlook issue. These techniques will assist you to fix the email that is that are stuck in Outbox.

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