5 Tips To Feed Community Dogs

Have you always wanted to feed your community dogs but didn’t know how to? Then this blog is for you! Feeding community animals is the highest form of service. They depend on us for their survival and sustenance. Also, the feeling of happiness and satisfaction that you experience after this noble act is unparalleled. 

However, feeding community animals can sometimes be a challenging task. They can be extremely fearful of new people, touch and contact. A lot of our community animals have also had bad experiences with humans. This makes it all the more difficult for them to trust us. 

Additionally, there are certain things that must be in order before you start feeding them. You need to maintain a balance between healthy and nutritious food that will not only fill their tummies but will also give them energy. 

And we are here to guide you about everything!

These are some essential tips to feed community dogs.

Assess their bowls 

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to use a clean dog food bowl. It will help reduce gulping and aid proper chewing and swallowing of the food. It is the easiest way to keep mealtime as comfortable as possible. You can also buy raised food bowls from the nearest pet store or shop them online from various pet stores like Supertails.

If you are looking for more affordable options, go for earthen bowls. They will keep water cool and are also eco-friendly. 

Address dental issues

Community animals are more susceptible to dental problems. Hence, keeping tabs on their oral and dental hygiene must be on your to-do list while feeding them. If you happen to notice any swelling, redness or tar in their gums or teeth, consider consulting a vet or attending an online vet consultation to know of some ways to get rid of it. 

But if you see them struggling with dental issues, try including soft food or adding water to pedigree dog food. 

Add Omega 3 to their diet

One of the most essential ingredients to offer our community animals is Omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids are necessary for dogs to build a strong immunity system to fight against various infections. Plus, this ingredient reduces inflammation in the digestive system to aid the digestion process.

If your canine is a senior dog, it becomes imperative to integrate omega 3 rich food supplements like fish and eggs to keep them healthy. 

Always leave a bowl of water

A great technique to feed community dogs is to provide them with ample water. Consider placing a  bowl of water at the same place every day to let them know where they can find water, when thirsty. This will not only help them quench their thirst but also build a stronger and more faithful relationship between you two. If you also want to know about USA News and Entertainment then this is the place for you.

Just make sure to avoid giving them ice-cold or hot water. Instead, go for lukewarm water in a fresh clean bowl to prevent moss and mosquitoes.

Choose a spot and feed them there every day

This method is beneficial in feeding community animals efficiently. Many vets suggest this feeding tip to promote discipline among dogs as they begin to form a routine. 

If you are a pet parent and have pets in your home, make sure to choose a spot further away from your living place to avoid commotion between animals.

Apart from these, integrate joint supplements, consider low-calorie dog food, and choose healthier treats from trusted platforms to serve them best. 

And if you require some in-depth knowledge or solutions regarding your personal experiences, visit a vet or attend an online vet consultation. Many reliable online pet stores are now offering online vet consultations on their platform to bridge the gap between veterinarians and pet parents, one amongst them is Supertails. You can get yourself enrolled in their programmes to interact with some pet experts and dieticians to understand the nutrition needs of your community dogs. Happy feeding!

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