Lego 71772 The Crystal King

After reviewing 71775 Nya's Samurai X MECH, I decided to look at 71772 The Crystal King, the main enemy of Lego Ninjago Season 15 Crystalised.

In this collection, we meet the Crystal King, who can transform into a centaur-like monster. It's a pretty unique set that blurs the boundary between buildable monster and mech, and I couldn't wait to put it together.

LEGO Group sent this kit with the Lego Ninjago Summer 2022 wave for assessment.

The Crystal King Set 71772

Sticker sheet. The set doesn't depend much on stickers, which is a plus because the sheet is smaller than anticipated.

This Lego Ninjago set is full of villains, which is usually a pleasure. Vengestone Guard, Crystal King, Vengestone fighter, and Harumi return!

The Vengestone warriors with trans-pink legs & arms, and new molded heads with trans-pink parts fused inside are a pleasure – the molding and printing quality is exceptional, and I enjoy the pink armor piece on the Vengestone Guard, which jazzes him up somewhat.

Harumi, the Crystal King, and Harumi's white hair stand out in this set. Harumi WAS the previous princess of Lego Ninjago and the originator of the Sons of Garmadon. According to Season 15, she is the Crystal King's herald and led his council, which brought back past adversaries.

The Crystal King's Mask Is A Customized Oni Mask With A Distinctive Form And Printing.

While it's a lovely mask and I enjoy the new mold, despite being the Crystal King, there's very little crystal about him. I wonder how wonderful it would be if the mask were fully transparent or had translucent portions.

71772's minifigs The Crystal King had a lot of villains and a cool Lloyd variation. Lloyd, the "mascot" on the box image, is the only Lego Ninjago set with him in his green attire.

Ninjago Fans Will Love Him, The Crystal King, And Harumi.

Here are some build-in-progress images of The Crystal King. 
You start with the body, then add the head, legs, arms, and wings. 
The Crystal King's centaur shape uses joints well and is four-legged for stability and possibility.

The finished model was bigger than I imagined. Its 26cm (10") tall yet 40cm (15.5") wide owing to its crystal wings to get Lego Vip Discount Code.

It's Huge And Intimidating, Precisely What You Want In A Set Like This.

The Crystal King is a centaur-like beast, and I adore its four-legged design. Its rocky grey limbs and body, accentuated by trans-pink, and pearl gold create a playful aesthetic that shouts BIG BAD GUY AESTHETIC.

Even If You Don't Like Ninjago, The Design Reminds Me Of Warcraft.

The Crystal King's four-legged appearance, tail, wings, and large weapon remind me of Warcraft's Pit Lords.
This design reminds me of my adolescent and early 20s time playing Warcraft and Dota 2.

Crystal King's head is beautifully brick-built and uses inventive methods, such as magenta horns for its face.

Crystal Horns are corny, yet they fit the look. I appreciate that the head can be tilted and posed in so many ways.

The Crystal King's chest uses droid limbs and horns to surround a crystal windshield canopy. The canopy's sloping curve gives it an organic aspect; it's designed beautifully, using minimum pieces to get the shape correct.

You may open the canopy to create a cockpit/enclosure for the Crystal King Minifigure to sit when in centaur form.

The Translucent Canopy Lets Him View Outwards And Fits The Crystal Theme.

I really appreciate the Crystal King's hips; the curved method works so well here and is one of the model's best features. Spiffy. I like the purple claws, which blend nicely with the pearl gold fingers, and on his right arm is a concealed clip that enables him to wield his crystal spear.

The Crystal King's "wings" are a good idea, but poorly executed. They can "flap" backward and forwards, and their angle and dark blue Nexo shields are impressive.

There aren't enough huge crystal blades to make it seem menacing and awesome. They should have added one or two additional seats to make the wings seem denser. The Crystal King's wings assist enhance its appearance and form. If you also want to know about USA News and Entertainment then this is the place for you.

More Poses:

The arms can strike some pretty amazing postures, so whether you choose to show or play with the Crystal King, you'll have fun.

Best partnered with 71775 Nya's Samurai X MECH, a suitable opponent. They actually do feel like a pair, so if you want to splurge on the Summer 2022 Lego Ninjago sets, buy these 2 up together to cancel out each other's vulnerabilities — a Crystal centaur beast requires an equally-sized mech to fend against.


If you appreciate fantasy video games like Warcraft or anime, you'll adore 71772 Crystal King. The Crystal King is intimidating and authoritative, qualities you want in a Lego Ninjago villain.

The Crystal King's immensity surprised me the most, from its height and wingspan to its length, which is emphasized by its tail. This model has a very huge footprint, making the most of its 772-piece count.

The price may appear excessive, but it's not outlandish or unattainable; it's a "large toy you receive for birthdays or Christmas or something you need to save up for." Despite the set's exorbitant price, the Minifigures are worth it, particularly the Crystal King, Harumi, and Lloyd.

It Pairs Well With 71775 Nya's Samurai X Mech Or 71774 Lloyd's Ultra Gold Dragon.

There are shortcomings, such as the Crystal King's absence of crystal pieces, and the wings could've been more remarkable, but they're not damaging to an easy-to-recommend set.

Lego Ninjago doesn't do big bad villain sets well, but this one gets most of it right, and you're left with a magnificent crystal centaur beast controlled by the Crystal King — the ideal counterbalance to the Ninja's mechs, trucks, and dragons.

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