The history/evolution of fragrances and flavours in food products

Since ancient times, India has been a reservoir of flavours and fragrances– where incense and ittar , herbs and their delectable flavours were a part of the royal lore. 

That said, the earliest dishes were made with a pinch of traditional aromatic and tasteful herbs including nutmegs, basil, mint, clove, saffron, cinnamon, black pepper, etc. These savouries were blended together to create culinary magic, and still, reign the Indian kitchens in the form of refined ‘Masala’ or spices (if we speak of today) to bring distinct flavours onto the table. 

Nevertheless, with the passage of time, the Fragrance and Flavour Industries (F&F) have seen vast changes due to the introduction of innovation and technology. One of the biggest updates that set the fragrance and flavour market to grow together, is their moderation & amalgamation in the food products, be it producing good quality pulverized spices, pastes, nuts, dairy products, and meals delight–mouth fresheners.

Here are the examples of some commendable food products– testimonials of the perfect blend of modernity and tradition to savour the nation with their inevitable legacy. 

Salts and Spices

Masalas are the prime ingredients of every Indian cuisine. Instead of using the herbs raw, today they are available in small pouches, all grinded with the help of the finest equipment. They are launched with a promise to offer the best quality ingredients and flavours to delight the gastronomic experience. 

This evolution made Indian dishes more alluring and tasteful by obviously simplifying the cooking process. From Garam Masala and Curry Powder and Salt, spices have evolved magnificently to embrace Indian food heritage ushering its close linkage with the grass-root economics of the world.


Another food product which we use while cooking is the ready-made paste of certain ingredients like ginger, garlic, and tamarind, etc. They are instant solutions to enhancing the taste of the dishes and making them more appetizing. Furthermore, their pleasing aroma adds to the palatability of the dishes.

This development in the food industry to intact fragrance and flavour in one product is exemplary in defining the perfect blend of modernity and traditionalism.

Dairy Products

Since ancient times, Dairy has been an integral part of the food industry. 

From curd and milk to cheese and butter, dairy products offer a variety of health benefits and are used by every Indian in one or another way. 

Today, brands focus on producing quality products to relish the taste buds and maintain the well-being of the consumer. They source the best quality milk directly from local farmers and process them in world-class facilities.

One of the leading conglomerates—DS Group -- offers Ksheer dairy products. Ksheer in Sanskrit means ‘milk’ and is derived from ‘Ksheer Sagar’- the mythical ocean of milk and the abode of Lord Vishnu that signifies purity and quality. 

It is the most suitable example of brands emphasizing the significance of integrating traditional roots in the manufacturing of modern food products. 

Not only this, but DS Group also caters the Catch Spices and Pastes with matchless quality, aroma and brand credibility for Indian households. 

Growth of the F & F industry:

Currently, the global Fragrance and Flavour industry is worth $24.10 Billion and India contributes approximately $500 million. If you also want to know about USA News and Entertainment then this is the place for you

However, in India, 11% is the approximate growth rate the growth rate in India in the last few years but is projected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years. This can be because of increasing brand awareness and literacy rate, rise in disposable income and growing demand in middle-class people.  Furthermore, with such great brands and talented leaders reaping within the motherland, the Indian economy is all set to reach greater heights.

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