Topic: Major crypto venture capital firms worth knowing

Companies dealing with
crypto venture capital provide support in the form of acquiring shares in startups that meet entry criteria and present above-average market potential. In return, smaller entrepreneurs, the authors of the project may receive capital for their development and the knowledge and experience of the investment team and contacts to managers, owners of leading companies on the market.

Fabric Ventures is a London-based VC fund backed by OpenOcean and Firestartr that adapts the traditional venture capital approach to new, scalable and decentralised networks. They have relied on the OpenOcean blockchain system to support the boldest new revolutionary projects.

Blufolio AG is a Swiss venture capital firm investing at the intersection of digital technology and sustainability. With a Luxembourg-based institutional fund structure, we offer diversified exposure in this space to qualified investors worldwide.

FreeS Fund is another VC specialist, this time based in Asia and the United States. Their main focus is early stage investment in revolutionary technology companies. They specialise in cryptocurrency and blockchain based companies and help guide companies from early stage to fully developed companies using their cutting edge technology and resources.

Paradigm, based in San Francisco and led by two co-owners with extensive experience in investing in the cryptocurrency space, which shows why Paradigm is one of the largest cryptocurrency investment funds in the world. They invest in a wide variety of crypto projects and businesses, from the earliest stages to the full maturity of the company.

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