How To Get To $1000 per Month ASAP With Affiliate Marketing

In this blog, I'm gonna show you how to make $1,000 per month as fast as possible with Affiliate Marketing. Many people, including myself, when I got into Affiliate Marketing, think that making passive income online is either complete bull, or something that people just get lucky with. 

The fact of the matter is that building an income producing business online is indeed challenging, but like many things in life there's a process to making it work. Today, I'm gonna share that process with you, but most importantly, I'm gonna show you how to get to this goal of making $1,000 per month as fast as possible. 

Why Affiliate Content Websites? 

In my opinion, this Affiliate Marketing path is the most accessible and easy for people. Anyone can create a website that gives values to readers on the internet, but not everyone is cut out for starting a YouTube channel or becoming an influencer on Instagram. If the best cv writing service in manchester had the ability to write, or at the very least the ability to find good and affordable writers, which I'll show you how to do later, then you can create a content website. 

In this day and age, Google really values content quality. And if you can produce content that Google loves, which I'll show you how to do too, then you'll get traffic to your website, and clicks on your Affiliate Links. With the proper knowledge, the playing field is leveled. But how quick is quick? How fast are people able to make $1,000 per month with this approach? Here's a poll I took in the Affiliate Labs member group. Most people broke through the 1K per month mark within six months to a year. 

After that it seems like the one-year to two year bucket is the most common. In third place we have less than six months, And it's only a few people that took longer than two years. So what I decided to do is hone in on the folks in the less than six month bucket. I reached out to them and asked them a ton of questions in order to tease out what are the common practices that got them such quick success. 

Income Levels In The Field Of Affiliate Marketing

That's what I'm about to share with you in this blog. But before I do that, just to show you where things can eventually go with Affiliate Marketing, here's another poll showing the income levels that people are currently at in the Affiliate Lab. As you can see, one K per month is just the starting point. So let's get started. 

The first step in getting to 1K per month with Affiliate Marketing is the most important step of all, and that's niche research. You've decided to make a content website monetize with affiliate links that's great. What niche are you gonna do it in? The niche you select is so critical because of two factors. First, it influences how much money you can make. If you also want to know about USA News and Entertainment then this is the place for you.

Niche Is Like Ping Pong. 

Probably aren't gonna allow you to buy that island off the coast of Tahiti. But second, it influences how difficult the niches is. Certain niches are gonna require more skill and resources than others. What you're looking for is the perfect balance of profitability and competition level. And here's how you do that. Now, there's a bunch of complicated processes that people use all the time to qualify a niche. And most of the time, the results you get are complete crap. 

The method I use is so simple and obvious once you do it, you'll never go back. Instead of guessing if a niche makes money and is competitive or not, I simply look at website marketplaces like Flippa for inspiration. Flippa is an online marketplace where people buy and sell content websites. Registering with Flippa is free, and you instantly get access to seeing tons of websites and various niche and most importantly, how much money they make. 

Search Content Review Sites

When using their interface set the following parameters. You're looking for content sites that are of the review type. These are gonna be your affiliate style websites. By just digging around for a bit, you can find a website like this one that generates $3,000 per month profit. Once you load up the site in your web browser, you can see that it makes money reviewing power generators. 

At this point you want to ask yourself, can I do better than this? Can I write or get content written that is better than what I see here? Can I build a better looking site? Can I build more content than they did? If the answer is yes, and honestly it should be after watching this blog, then you've found yourself a niche. As you can see, reverse engineering marketplaces like Flippa is far superior than simply guessing how much money can be made in a niche. 

Clear Look At How Difficult A Niche

You see actual example websites, you get a clear look at how difficult a niche is as well. By the way, if you like what you're seeing so far, please make your way over to the like button and smash it for me. Studies show that people who smash the like button are 67% more likely to crush their goals in Affiliate Marketing, but in all seriousness it helps my channel out, and lets me know that you wanna see more blogs like these. 

After you selected your niche, the next step is to do keyword research. And I'm gonna show you two ways to do it. One method is free, and the other one uses Fancy Pants SEO software to do it. When people search for something on Google, the words they type in are called keywords. Some keywords get searched a lot, and we call them high search volume keywords. 

Analyze Typical Competitors

These are typically more competitive and more lucrative. An example of this would be best power generator. If you're at the top of Google for this keyword, you're gonna get a lot of purchase ready traffic to your website and your affiliate links. Other keywords are typically longer, have less search volume and less buyer intent. 

Example of one of these less lucrative and informational type keywords would be what is the difference between a generator and an inverter? The point is you wanna know all the keywords. You want the difficult ones so you can eventually make money. And you want the easy one so you can start to get quick traffic. Here's how to keyword research using free methods. Answer the is an awesome free tool you can use to generate keywords and topics you should write about. 

46 Different Topics That I Should Talk About

In this example, I just typed in portable generators and it gave me 46 different topics that I should talk about. Such as informational keywords like can portable generators get wet, and commercial keywords like which portable generators are the best, easy breezy. Next, we can do our keyword research on Google itself. 

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If you type portable generators into Google, you'll see a section up here at the top called people also ask. Once again, there's more topics and keywords and many of them weren't already picked up by answers the public. If you click on any of these questions, then yes you'll get an answer. But the people also ask engine will also drop down more questions for you to answer in your content. 

Automate The Process Again

If you want to automate the process again for free, you can use the free SEO tool, SEO Minion to actually download all these topics to a spreadsheet for you. Load up the plug-in on Chrome and select PAA six levels, which means you want the tool to click and expand each of the questions six times, so you can download a butt load of keywords. 

Next, we can use Google Autosuggest. Type in your main topic keyword into the search bar, then put your cursor at the beginning. Google is gonna spit back a bunch of commonly searched keywords with a new word added to the front. And as you guessed that you clever little devil you, you can put your cursor at the end and get more keywords as well. Rinse and repeat this process for all the main topics and products in your niche. Next, go to the bottom of the search result page.

Google's Related Searches Feature

You'll find another source of free keywords using Google's related searches feature. And if you were to click on one of these keywords like best portable generator for camping, then once again here at the bottom of the next page, you'll find even more keywords in the related searches. As you can see here, keyword research can be done for free if you want to take some time and put in the work. But if you want to automate things while getting even more keywords and topic coverage, use a tool like Ahrefs. 

You can go super easy mode and just plug your flip a site directly into Ahrefs and get back a list of all the keywords it ranks for. Do this for three to four more sites in your niche, and you're done with keyword research. You can also go over to Content Explorer and type in a high level word, like camping to find low hanging fruit that other newbie websites are already ranking for. 

Content Ideas That Get Decent Traffic

If they can do it, you can to. Make sure to set some filters like these, to look for content ideas that get decent traffic and hardly have any backlinks going into them. Don't worry, we're gonna talk a lot about backlinks later. Now that you're done with keyword research, it's time to start writing your content. Writing good content that Google loves is a foundation of search engine optimization. But what are the components of a Google friendly article? I'm gonna show you how to write Google friendly content for free as well as a paid route. Let's say you wanted to write a piece of content discussing camping gift ideas. The first thing you wanna do is Google your keywords and start to look at the people already ranking high for the keyword.

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