Why do security guards wear sunglasses?

If you work in any capacity within a building that requires security, chances are you've seen security guards wearing sunglasses on the job. But why do they wear them? The answer is simple: beauty. Simple and practical, these shades protect their eyes from the bright lights of office buildings and from ultraviolet rays outside. With an abundance of sunshine and white lights in most American offices today, it's no wonder security personnel are sporting shades during their shifts. They not only protect their eyes, they also enhance the appearance of confidence and authority. When you look cool, you feel cool and your job performance increases because of it. That's why all those diligent security guards have on those distinctive shades: they like to look good while they make sure everyone else looks good too.

Security guards do wear sunglasses for a variety of reasons. The most obvious one, and the most widely recognized, is that it makes them look more authoritative and makes them stand out among the crowd of people who are working in the facility that they're guarding. They also help reduce eye fatigue when working a long shift outdoors in the sunlight. What do security guards have to hide? Are they protecting their eyes from dust? From the sun? From the rain? Or is it some very important thing that is a secret for everyone except you, me, and them?

Why do security guards/ SPG wear sunglasses?

Security guards wear sunglasses so they can't be identified. They want to fit in. They need to blend in with everyone else so that everyone is unafraid and comfortable. Almost all security guards wear prescription glasses only. They do not wear sunglasses. They do not see the general public. They never trust the public either. If you have stayed there for long time, you have already known it is not to protect their eyes from being hurt by the sunlight. They are glasses worn to avoid direct confrontation with the public when talking to them and at the same time signal authority and control. Sad to know it? I agree.

In the end, I believe that everyone has their own opinion on this subject. From what I have discussed above, the different kinds of sunglasses seem to vastly vary in security. That being said, it is hard to come up with a real conclusion because most people do not agree on one particular point. One thing is for sure, the reason why they wear sunglasses is most certainly not a topic to be left alone. So whether you are just curious or are hoping to get insight into the security world, I would recommend doing your own research on this subject as well as asking a security guard themselves. In a nutshell, security guards wear sunglasses so that they can disguise that they are watching you. Sunglasses make it difficult for an onlooker to ascertain exactly what the security guard is looking at, allowing them to observe without being noticed. It is also an effective way for the security guard to communicate "don't mess with me" to a potential troublemaker without having to say a word.

If you're working nights as a security guard, think about the benefits of wearing proper shades. The massive, wrap-style glasses you see at the bank are best. Because they look cool. The analysis read, 'Despite their inconspicuous looking clothing, with dark jackets and ties, security guards are seen as heterogeneous in age and sex and most look friendly, though a lot of people would not identify them as security guards. Without any special uniform or unusually large amounts of equipment they remain inconspicuous while they perform their work. Their clothing is much more relaxed and casual than that of the police or military which act as an aerial guard force.'

Conclusion: Security guards wear sunglasses

The purpose of uniform accessories is to represent a company and show how security is their top priority. Not only are their uniforms important, their sunglasses, uniform hats, and accessories were created to offer more protection against the sun and provide security workers with the ability to stay aware.

The main role of security guards is to enforce security measures, maintain order and ensure public safety. The ultimate goal of a security officer is to detect and prevent crime. This can mean patrolling the inside or outside of a property, checking building access cards or monitoring closed circuit cameras. Security guards are generally employed by companies to protect valuable assets and people but only when an immediate threat is perceived and it will be a crime to intervene without a warrant (e.g. failure to pay for gas for more than 30 days).

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