The 5 Dietary Changes to You Need to Make When Trying to Conceive

Having conception is different for different couples. It is very simple for some couples while some of them have to make a lot of effort. If you notice you have issues conceiving a child, visit a fertility or IVF centre in Bangalore or your locality to see an expert. It is possible that your doctor may advise you to monitor your menstrual cycle and ovulation, have timed physical intimacy and bring some dietary changes. Here, have a look at the dietary changes you may need to make to conceive soon:

1. A healthy and balanced diet every time 

When you are trying to get pregnant, you need to have a healthy body and mind. And for a healthy body, you need to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Such a diet has all the nutritional elements - carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Your diet must include:

  • Whole grains 

  • Pasteurised dairy products such as milk and cheese 

  • Lean meat

  • Seasonal green & leafy vegetables and fruits 

  • Nuts 

  • Seeds 

  • Antioxidants

2. Safe distance from unhealthy and infertility-triggering foods

You can request your doctor to produce a fertility-friendly diet. And you should stick to it for having a successful conception.

  • Spicy & oily foods 

  • Fast, processed, and junk foods 

  • Red meat 

  • Foods with low nutrient elements 

3. Fertility supplements

Sometimes we do not get what we need more. The food items that we take as breakfast, lunch, or dinner are not sufficient for our body’s demand for nutritional elements. Couples trying to conceive must get all the requisite nutritional elements. You can consult your doctor and ask him/her whether you need to take supplements or not apart from your fertility-friendly diet. The expert will recommend multivitamin capsules and supplements rich in folic acid.

4. Limited caffeine intake

Too much caffeine intake greatly affects your chances of being pregnant. As per a recent study, females who consume more than a cup of coffee a day have approximately 50% lower chances of conception. As a couple, you should limit other items such as teas, soda, and chocolate that contain caffeine when you are trying to conceive. As far as possible, you should avoid having these items.

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5. Smoking

Many smokers believe that they do not need to quit smoking to have a pregnancy. It is not true for you especially when you are making an effort to conceive. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, 13% of females have a pregnancy delay or fertility issues due to smoking. As a conscious couple, you and your spouse quit smoking as you decide to start working on your family expansion plan if you do.


Making a few dietary changes is crucial for you when you are trying to conceive. As per your self-consciousness or your doctor’s instructions, you must leave your bad habits and adopt good one. You should have a healthy & balanced diet, avoid unhealthy diet, lower caffeine intake, quit smoking and take fertility supplements to facilitate your family expansion plan.

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